1-2 year old male Labrador available for adoption

Mason is a 1-2 year old male Labrador. He is being fostered in Tavistock Devon in an adult home with teenagers, visiting grandchildren and other dogs.

This lovely dog recently came into our care after being brought off Gumtree – the previous owners had only had him a few days and wanted him gone the reason they gave was he was being aggressive I asked them to send us the videos and all we saw was a young Labrador who wanted to play but was a bit confused.

We have done a bit of research and this dog has been advertised for a couple of months by the original owner we suspect he has been homed multiple times as the dog that arrived in our care was so stressed, and worried he did not know what to do with himself.

Mason could not relax, if you as much as moved he was worried he had lost you it was heartbreaking.

I suspect the real reason he was got rid of was that at this moment in time, he cannot be left on his own without him barking and getting himself so upset and worried.

We were told he had not laid down for two days and rested. He has gone to a very experienced foster home who are just letting him be he has got to work out he is safe and nothing is going to change.

Mason is sleeping with them at night and has been good as gold as gets too upset to sleep on his own at present. Friendly with all the family.

We were told he was scared of the car probably because he did not know where he was going next but already, he is getting in and out of the car with no problem the other dogs helped.

Getting in the car on day 2

He is enjoying his walks and has been in a long line getting rid of all that pent-up energy.

Out with his foster family on the Moors

Walking up the cycle path – no problem with other people, pushchairs, dogs etc –

Mason is spending a lot of his day sleeping at the moment now he feels able to relax he is just exhausted from whatever has gone on the last few months of his life.

Mason is a very lovely dog very affectionate and sweet-natured, with no malice in him at all.

With his foster dad

We will work on this separation anxiety he has at present and we are hoping it just slowly disappears as he feels safe but will update you on this.

Mason has such potential with his super temperament with people and other dogs. We have been told Mason grew up with cats so can test him in the future. Mason needs to be health checked by a Vet, neutered and start his vaccinations.

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