Get Connected: The Best Dog Apps for Pet Parents

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Ah, pet parenting! Yep, there’s an app for that too—well, several. When it comes to caring for our dogs, there are some pretty clever gadgets and apps to help a pet parent out. But with so many choices, where should you start? We’re here to help you find the dog apps that work best for you and your best friend.

GoodPup App


This personal training app lets you book sessions with a vetted and certified dog trainer over video.

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The Best Dog Apps

These are our favorite dog apps, which can help with everything from training to health tips—even adoptions. Many are available on multiple phone platforms; we’ve noted the apps that are only available for Apple.


GoodPup (Verified Review)

Get the benefit of personal dog training, but with more flexibility and less hassle. GoodPup allows you to schedule sessions with a vetted and certified trainer via video—you can also access your trainer outside of sessions should any questions come up.

Verified Review (Rover employee, Alison Rutty): “I used a trainer on the GoodPup app to help me address car anxiety in my 5-year-old Labradoodle. I felt like we had tried everything (treats, crates, medication) and nothing seemed to work. Enter GoodPup!

“They matched me with a trainer who conducted weekly, 30-minute video sessions with us. Scheduling appointments via the app was very easy. I especially loved the feature where I could send messages and videos to my trainer directly outside of our sessions. It was highly convenient not having to leave my house or travel anywhere. At $29 a week, I feel like I am getting high-quality, personalized training that would be much more expensive if we were meeting in person.”

GoodPup App


This personal training app lets you book sessions with a vetted and certified dog trainer over video.

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Puppr is a super-popular app that includes step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help you train your dog. The lessons cover over 50 tricks, from basic obedience like “sit” to advanced tricks like “skateboard.” The app also keeps track of tricks learned and lets you set daily reminders. A premium subscription gives you additional access to a live chat for training questions. If the trainer and dogs featured look familiar, it’s because they’re legitimate dog training stars: Sara Carson and The Super Collies.

Puppr App


Teach your pet over 50 commands and tricks with this app that provides step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker.

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Do dog whistle apps work? The idea is that a high-frequency whistle can get a dog’s attention better than the human voice alone. These days, trainers consider whistles useful training aids alongside clickers. Both can be used as cues to reinforce good behavior or to call dogs away from distractions. In addition to the whistle and clicker, this app has squeaky toy sounds, as well as 50 other sound effects to captivate your dog’s attention. Available for iOS/Apple.

iTrainer App

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker App

Use this noise app to get your dog’s attention with a whistle, clicker, or any number of other sounds.

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This free app transforms your phone into a clicker for quick and easy dog training at the tap of your thumb. Equipped with different clicker sounds to find the one that best suits your pup, you’ll also receive tips from experts in this app to help you navigate the training process. Available for iOS/Apple.

Dog Clicker Training App

Dog Clicker Training App

With this clever app, you can use your phone as a clicker during training sessions with your dog.

Get Dog Clicker Training

This app helps you organize your training—a must when a new puppy joins the family. Easily keep track of medications, potty breaks, and more. Plus it lets you set recurring reminders so you don’t forget anything important; after all, a strict schedule is a must when it comes to successfully training a new puppy.

Pup to Date App

Pup to Date App

Organize your pet’s medications, potty breaks, and more and set up calendar reminders on this scheduling app.

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We’re not afraid to toot our own horn! There’s a reason the Rover dog walking app has an average rating of 4.9 stars with over 225k reviews. In fact, it’s the number one dog walking app available.

Much as you’d like to, you can’t always take your dog with you on outings or be home for a midday walk. That’s where Rover can help. Our free app gives you access to the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers. Read reviews, browse photos, and message the perfect sitter for you, your dog, and your budget. Then, book and pay all through Rover’s secure app. It’s never been easier to find the best care for your best friend.

The Rover App

The Rover App

When you can’t take your furry BFF for a walk yourself, find a qualified dog walker in your area on the Rover app.

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With Whistle, you can track your dog’s location and activities with GPS, even when you’re far away. Get notifications when they leave a safe area or spy on your pet from a mobile map (is he sneaking away to visit the Golden Retriever down the block? Now you’ll know!). The app, which connects with the Whistle tracker, also ensures they’re getting enough healthy day-to-day activity by setting goals and awarding (virtual) badges. It also connects you to virtual vet support.

Whistle App

Whistle Dog Tracker App

This app provides GPS tracking and activity monitoring of your pet when used in conjunction with a Whistle tracker.

Get Whistle Dog Tracker

This handy app accompanies a tracker that attaches to your pet’s collar. Using GPS, the app show’s your doggo’s location on a map, and even has a heat map. Mark safe zones on the app and receive notifications if your dog leaves designated areas. You can also use the app to monitor their activity. Note that a subscription plan requires a one-year payment in advance.

Tractive App

Tractive Dog Tracker App

This subscription app can keep a tab on your pet’s location via a GPS tracking device that attaches to their collar (sold separately.)

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Health and Safety

Is something wrong with your dog? All the caution in the world might not prevent the occasional need for first aid. Whether the incident involves a cough or a car, this free app from the Red Cross has answers and useful information. There are step-by-step instructions for over 25 common situations along with how-to videos for on-the-spot training. You can also locate the nearest vet or pet hospital. (You can also text “GETPET” to 90999 for assistance.)

Pet First Aid American Red Cross App

Pet First Aid from American Red Cross App

Get expert advice on common canine health situations on this free app from the Red Cross.

Get Pet First Aid

Wait…is onion bad or good for Fido? Are your houseplants safe for the occasional nibble? Never wonder again with PupTox, an iPhone/iPad app designed to keep your dog healthy and happy. PupTox categorizes over 250 common toxins for dogs. P.S.: Read our post on the most poisonous plants for dogs. Available for iOS/Apple.

PupTox App

PupTox Reference App

Designed to help you keep your pet healthy, this app contains a searchable database of over 250 common toxins for dogs.

Get PupTox Reference

Stay connected and share important pet info with all the people that care for your dog, from groomers to boarding services to vets. This app stores and tracks your dog’s health and medical records, plus it keeps tabs on your dog’s fitness via a monitor that attaches to their collar.

BabelBark App

BabelBark Dog App

Store and keep track all of your dog’s important health and medical records with this handy app.

Get BabelBark


The rest of these apps make pet parenthood easier, and we love them for that. But one of our favorites is WeRescue because it’s an app that inspires a new addition to the family. WeRescue is similar to dating apps, but for dogs: swipe your way through pet photos until you find a likely match. Even if you’re not ready right now, you can dare to dream!

WeRescue lets you set up extensive filters to find a dog that’s the right personality, size, and breed mix for you. And hey, if you’re considering branching out from canines, you can use WeRescue to search for horses and reptiles, too! Available for iOS/Apple.

WeRescue App

WeRescue Dog Adoption App

Thinking of adding a new furry member to your family? This dog adoption app matches you with local pets available in your area.

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If your dog is joining you on vacation, there’s a lot of research to do ahead of time. Where are the dog-friendly hotels? How about dog-friendly restaurants? The BringFido app can tell you. Search by location, and use the built-in filters for price, dog size, and more to find the best dog-friendly accommodations for your canine companion.

BringFido is also worth exploring if you’re about to move and want to find the best dog-friendly places in your new neighborhood. You can even sign up to receive alerts for upcoming dog-friendly events!

Bring Fido App

BringFido Dog Social App

If you’re looking for dog-friendly places to explore with your pet, the BringFido app is a great place to start your search.

Get BringFido

Like BringFido, BarkHappy also helps you discover dog-friendly businesses and places to go for you and your best furry friend. In addition, the app connects you to other pet parents in your area, so your dog can have playdates with fellow doggy friends nearby. If a doggo makes an escape, the app also contains a feature to alert your community to keep an eye out for a lost pet.

BarkHappy App


Discover dog-friendly businesses and connect with other pet parents on the BarkHappy app.

Get BarkHappy

Just For Fun

Do you ever wish you could translate your dog’s bark? Well, there’s an app for that. This “dog sound translator” claims to be able to tell you exactly what your pooch is thinking. We’ll be honest: actual translation seems a bit unlikely. But the app is a whole lot of fun! It also has a library of bark sounds you can play to “tease” your dog and record their reaction. Available for iOS/Apple.

Human-to-Dog Translator

Human-to-Dog Translator

For a bit of fun, try this “dog sound translator” that might illuminate what your dog is thinking.

Get Human-to-Dog Translator

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