The Best Cat Dad Gifts: From T-Shirts and Ties to Books and Hoodies

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Whether he’s a catnip-carrying feline fanatic or the guy who gives up his favorite chair so the cat can finish her nap, every cat dad deserves some special thanks. We’ve scoured the internet for the best gifts for cat dads, from gadgets and barware to the tried-and-true t-shirt. Some of these gifts are so cool, cat moms will want to get their paws on them as well.

The Best Cat Dad Gifts (Updated)


The laid-back cat on this retro t-shirt says their dad is the ultimate in cool. The cat abides this gift for cat dads.

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cat print necktie

No true cat dad would dream of dressing up for a special occasion without making this eye-catching neckwear a part of his outfit.

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white ceramic cat dad mug

This popular “Cat Dad” mug is a practical as well as an apropos gift for the cat papa in your life. At 11 oz., it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. Cat-proof? Not so much.

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apron with kitty on front being booked for jail

Your favorite cat dad will delight in cooking up some serious barbecue in this “bad cat” apron. This gift is so cute it’s criminal.

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These printed socks will have a cat dad looking like a gigantic version of his favorite tabby. He’ll get a chuckle out of this gift—though his cat may be startled. These cozy footwarmers fit feet up to men’s size 11.

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lint brush

No cat dad should be reduced to brushing his clothing off with a roll of sticky tape! Why not gift him this cherrywood lint brush for clothes. It’s the ideal cat hair remover, and the black boar bristles won’t damage fine fabrics. It’s so wonderful that he may end up using this to brush the cat.

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flask that says chief cat herder

Our friends over at Zazzle have some wonderful cat-themed flasks—here’s a perfect gift for a cat dad to take on a fishing trip to remind him of the faithful felines awaiting his return. With their dinner.

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This handsome cat paperweight by Hophen will look beautiful in a contemporary office. Unlike a real cat, this paperweight will actually keep your cat dad’s desk organized. It’s 5-1/2 inches high, 14 ounces—and expect some variation in the internal colors.

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metal cat bookends

Are they holding the books up, or planning to knock them over? A true cat dad won’t care! These painted metal kitties are hard at work.

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book: A Street Cat Named Bob

This true story about the bond between a down-on-his-luck musician and a street cat in London has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. James Bowen’s book about his cat Bob has been distributed in 26 countries and adapted into a feature film. And if you’re gifting dad books this year, this “Cat Dad” tote could serve as a great gift bag for those books—it’s two gifts in one!

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What cad dad doesn’t need a ball cap for mowing the lawn or a round of golf? This adjustable chino twill hat is just the ticket.

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real men love cats sweatshirt

This one’s for cat dads who want to make their feline devotion clear while wearing a cozy, live-in-it sweatshirt. Choose from sizes S through 3X in a sturdy poly-cotton blend.

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black and silver cat cufflinks gift for dads

Here’s a more subtle accessory gift for the fancy cat dads out there who have reason to don a traditionally cuffed shirt.

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What could be more gadgety than a credit card bottle opener featuring a cat DJ in space spinning a pepperoni pizza? We’re thirsty just writing that. Perfect for your favorite quirky cat dad with his head in the stars.

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enamel cat dad pin gift

From ShredMyCouch, via Etsy, here’s a sweet, small gift accessory that can be pinned to a vest, jacket, or messenger bag as a reminder of who’s in charge of this cat dad’s life.

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Freddie Mercury hugging cats t-shirt gift for cat dads

T-shirts are some of the most practical gifts for cat dads. Help your dad celebrate one of the greatest cat dads in rock’n’roll with this delightful tee, available in extended sizes.

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"Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too" book for cat dads

This book is a satirical take on the lives of reluctant cat dads. If you know a dude that initially balked at the idea of getting a cat and now loves that feline more than anyone, this could be a great gift.

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peeking kitty blanket gift for cat dads

And then there’s the cat who waits for you to fall asleep before pouncing on your toes or stomach. A cat dad (and his cat) will appreciate a cozy fleece blanket (available in three sizes) gift that captures the moment perfectly. Cold-water washable in the case the shedding gets to be too much.

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