The 6 Best Crates for Large Dogs

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Although dog crates are often associated with crate training, they also provide a cozy space for your pet to retreat to, as well as a safe form of transportation in a car. If you have a big dog, you’ll want to get a crate where they can fit comfortably. These six well-reviewed crates for generously-sized dogs come in a variety of styles and at various price points.

large dog crate

Mahogany Large Dog Kennel

This crate also doubles as a beautiful side table and features mahogany wood paneling over steel wire.

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Before shopping for a big dog crate, it’s important to know your dog’s measurements, including width, length, and height—in addition to weight. The right Great Dane crate may be too big for your Lab mix, for instance.

Ideally, a large dog’s crate should be tall enough to allow your dog to fully stand up, wide enough for your dog to turn around in, and long enough to let her fully stretch out. Crates for big dogs can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another, so double-check the dimensions before purchase.

After you know what size of big dog crate to look for, you’ll also want to consider the style and material. Retailers sell a variety of crates for large dogs in plastic, metal, and wood, and each material has its pros and cons.

For instance, metal wire crates are great for strong dogs who can chew their way through anything, but they tend to be heavy and hard to move—especially when they are large or oversized for big dogs. Meanwhile, plastic crates are generally affordable and ideal for use in cars, but typically offer less ventilation. Dog crate furniture that’s made out of wood is certainly the most attractive of all the styles, but it comes at a higher cost, is not collapsible, and is not a good fit for chewers.

With that said, take a look at some of the best dog crates we’ve found for large dogs. Whether you have a 50-pound pittie or a 100-pound Great Dane, there’s certain to be a dog crate on our list that will fit your needs.

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Crates for big dogs don’t need to be plain! With this Merry Products 42-inch dog crate, you get a functional dog space and a beautiful side table in one. It boasts mahogany wood paneling over strong steel wire with a removable plastic tray bottom. Need to take the crate on the road? Simply snap off the wood panels and it transforms into a portable crate you can carry.

large dog crate

Mahogany Large Dog Kennel

This dog crate also doubles as a beautiful side table and features mahogany wood paneling over steel wire.

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Available in 36-, 42- and 48-inch sizes to fit dogs up to 110 pounds, this Midwest crate is made of steel wire and can be folded flat for easier transportation. It comes with an option for either one or two doors and has a removable plastic tray bottom for easy cleaning.

Folding Metal Dog Kennel

For a basic wire dog crate that comes in several large and extra-large sizes, this one is a great option that can be folded flat when not in use.

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Not only do New Age Pet dog crates come in several colors, but they’re made with non-toxic plastic that’s more durable than wood. According to the manufacturer, this crate is best-suited for an already crate-trained dog. It comes in large and extra large sizes and can accommodate dogs up to 80 pounds.

Dog Crate & End Table

Available in several colors, these dog crates look like wood but are made of more durable non-toxic plastic material.

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This Ruff Maxx crate is a popular dog crate that can be used for both home and travel. It’s made from a sturdy plastic material, and its largest size is appropriate for dogs 70 to 90 pounds.

Petmate Ruff Maxx Dog Kennel

Made of sturdy plastic material, this popular kennel is designed for dogs between 70 and 90 pounds.

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Sold in 36- and 42-inch sizes, this crate is constructed from steel tubing covered with soft and easy-to-clean polyester fabric. It’s about as lightweight as a large breed dog crate as you’ll find, making it a great choice for travel and lifting in and out of cars.

3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Crate

Ideal for use when traveling, this soft-side crate is as lightweight as you’ll likely find for big dogs.

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Made of heavy-duty 22-gauge steel, this heavy-duty dog crate sports wheels that make them easy to move around, but also possess brakes to be locked into place. Dual locks and removable bottom tray make it simple to secure and easy to clean. This big dog crate is hefty and may require two people to assemble.

Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This heavy-duty dog crate boasts a dual lock and a set of wheels to make it easier to maneuver.

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